Streamline your Auction Operations

With our omnichannel commerce platform, we offer a fully connected auction experience that merges all your back office, onsite and online operations. Offering a problem-free, consistent form of engagement to your customers.

Back Office

Smoothly transition between the necessary tasks of your organization’s day to day functions, such as orchestrating auctions, fulfilling valuations, receiving payments, and viewing sales and supply chain functions like warehousing and shipping.


Engage better with your bidders by offering fully interactive and responsive, bespoke, and attractive mobile and web experiences. Offer a consistent form of engagement to give your customers the choice to bid when, how and from where they want, regardless of what device they are using.

Live Auctions

Manage on site live auctions in a single place with our auctioneers and clerking screen. With end to end capabilities to process auctions from viewing lots, recording bids through to taking customer payments.


Build Loyalty and Exceed Your Customer Expectations

Personalise the experiences of your customers across your sales channels and offer watchlists, absentee bidding and lot selections. Have a full 360-degree view of your auction customers by utilizing Customer Insights functionality. Analyse the results from digital and physical auctions gathered into one single space where you can assess behavioural and observational data along with all transactions.
Personalised Experiences

Create intelligent and attractive digital auctions featuring development tools that are easy to use and integrated web authoring.

Data Analysis

Get access to better customer data and analysis. Combining information from both online and offline interactions can be combined and analyzed.


Simple & Intuitive Interface

A cloud-based business solution with a modern and intuitive interface, that combines the full functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with comprehensive Auction management features.

Scalable to your organization's needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365

We have taken the tried-and-tested platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the foundation for our auction management solution, utilizing its powerful commerce capabilities. Tailored to the needs of auction houses, providing modern, flexible, and intelligent features to suit their specific requirements

Supply Chain

Take advantage of the integration built into Microsoft Dynamic 365 to enhance back office operations by leveraging best of breed supply chain features


Make everything available in a variety of languages to make it easy for you to target different language, national and ethnic groups.


Tailor your Auction Management Solution to your organization’s scalability needs. Have the option to modify your solution with an extendible platform that can grow with your organization

Data Security

Provide proactive and cutting-edge security for all your data. This not only safeguards the data stored about your business operations, your inventory and, most crucially, your customers

International Reach

Meet the needs of an international marketplace by accessing and controlling features that can be executed as needed onsite, or through various other channels for specific customers


See Auction Management In Action

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